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Masters of Professional Studies in Arts and Cultural Leadership, Final Projects  [9]

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The Case to Engage Millenials in Classical Music

Legeros, Alexander N (2016-05)
As the largest demographic group in America both now and for the forseeable future, millennials carry great promise for classical music - that is, if classical music organizations can capitalize on the traits that make ...

Serving the Inanimate Constituency: Re-Centering Collections in the Work of Museums

Clark, Kristina (2016-05)
Museums play a critical role in protecting society's collective heritage by protecting, caring for, and sharing collections items for the public trust. A combination of developments has led museums to shift resources from ...

Strategic Digital Engagement: Developing a Digital Content Strategy for your Staff and Organization

Briel, Lann (2016-05)
Evidence suggests technology has created audiences that demand engagement from their cultural organizations the same way they demand entertainment from their traditional broadcasting sources. Digital technology, the ...

The Art of Making (It) Work: Artist-Centered Organizational Models in Small Professional Theater Companies

Bridges Stecklein, Emily (2016-05)
Many theater artists hold multiple jobs in order to achieve financial stability while pursuing a career in the arts. Research suggests their skills for communication, adaptability, and creativity are more in demand than ...

Measuring Change: Evaluating Impact for Sustainable Programs

Wilson, Natalie (2015-04)
This academic paper addresses the necessity and complexity of program evaluation, utilizing the comprehensive evaluation of the Illusion Theater’s “Keepin It Real” Program as a case study. I demonstrate how the “Keepin ...

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