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OFR13-02, Three-Dimensional Geological Mapping
Thorleifson, Harvey; Berg, Dick; Russell, Hazen (2013)

OFR13-02, Three-Dimensional Geological Mapping

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This workshop is designed for those constructing 3D geological maps and numerical models. Our objective is to bring together people dealing with large datasets, and who must integrate variable quality data with high quality data to construct 3D geological models for application such as hydrogeology, engineering, and energy resource assessment. Topics include (1) methods of model construction, (2) managing diverse data of variable quality, (3) ensuring data interoperability, (4) visualization tools, and (5) interaction between mappers, hydrogeologists, energy and mineral resource geologists, engineering geologists, and engineers. The emphasis is on deposits that host potable groundwater, as well as sedimentary basins as a whole.

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Workshop Extended Abstracts, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado-October 2013.

Geological Society of America

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