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Katherine Chew  [12]

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Seeing the Big (Art) Picture: Developing a Rotating Art Program in an Academic Health Sciences library

Chew, Katherine; Orr, Michelle (2016-05)
Purpose/Objectives: Develop a rotating art exhibit program to turn an outdated, aesthetically unpleasing 1960s style building interior into a stimulating, thought-provoking, intellectually inspiring atmosphere for studying ...

Breaking Into Uncharted Territory: Collaborating On NIH Public Access Policy Compliance with the Sponsored Projects Administration

Chew, Katherine (2015-05)
Objectives: Non-compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy can severely hamper researchers’ efforts by delaying awards funding. Facilitating compliance with the policy can be a problematic process, especially across ...

Waterfalls Are Not in the MeSH Vocabulary: One Library's Experience With Unexpected Flooding

Chew, Katherine (2009-10)
On the morning of April 17, 2009, an improperly maintained air conditioning unit cooling hose burst in the mechanical room on the fourth floor of Diehl Hall, resulting, at one point, in a spectacular ceiling to floor ...

FUSION: Melding Reference And Access Services Into A Single User Service Point In An Academic Health Sciences Library

Chew, Katherine (2009-05)
Objective: Analysis of the effectiveness in creating a synergic and collaborative team of reference and access services professional, paraprofessional and student staff with the goal of continuing to provide patrons with ...

Harold S. Diehl: Pioneer In Randomized Controlled Trialsw

Block, Karla J.; Mcguire, Lisa; Chew, Katherine (2006-05)
The Bio-Medical Library is located in Diehl Hall, named after Harold S. Diehl, fifth dean of the University of Minnesota Medical School. Diehl (1891-1973) was a prominent figure at the University and is well known for his ...

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