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NRSM Masters Theses (Plan A and Plan B)  [23]

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Evaluating Watershed Outreach Interventions in the Lower Kaskaskia River Watershed

Yaeger, Christine (2012-10-11)
Effective programs (that meet programmatic goals) and efficient programs (which require reasonable effort) have a significant role in encouraging pro-environmental behavior and decreasing non-point source pollution. A ...

Minnesota landowners’ habitus and interest in perennial energy crops.

Schulman, Candi Marie (2012-06)
Abstract summary not available

Nest-site selection and nesting ecology of red-headed woodpeckers.

Waldstein, Ariane Lentz (2012-05)
Red-headed woodpeckers (Melanerpes erythrocephalus) were once a common and widespread species in the Midwest but have declined sharply in the last 40 years. This species is a Minnesota Species of Greatest Conservation Need ...

Hydrologic, nutrient, and sediment responses of restored perennial vegetation/wetland complexes in southern Minnesota.

Fransen, Greg David (2012-05)
The Blue Earth River basin, located in the prairie pothole region of northern Iowa and southern Minnesota, is intensively ditched and drained to improve agricultural production. Agricultural drainage systems increase ...

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