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Interview with Marie Manthey
Tobbell, Dominique A.; Manthey, Marie (University of Minnesota, 2010)

Interview with Marie Manthey

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University of Minnesota

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In the first interview, Manthey begins by discussing her childhood and her decision to become a nurse. She describes her initial nursing training and work at Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital and the University of Chicago Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. She discusses her decision to come to the University of Minnesota to continue her education in the early 1960s, and describes her experiences with individuals such as Katherine Densford, Edna Fritz, and John Westerman. She describes working on Station 32 with Dr. Owen Wangensteen, the shifting roles of Registered Nurses [RN] and Licensed Practical Nurses [LPN], and relationships between nurses with different levels of education. She discusses her time as Associate Director of Nursing at the University Hospital and the work that led to the establishment of primary nursing. Manthey describes the changes in accounting systems in the hospital as well as the restructuring of the University’s Academic Health Center. In the second interview, Manthey continues to discuss her time at the University Hospital. She also describes her experiences serving as assistant administrator and director of nursing at Miller Hospital in St. Paul (later renamed United Hospital). She discusses her experiences with Ray Amberg, various hospital administrations, and nursing unions. She discusses the culture of the University of Minnesota’s School of Nursing, and the relationships between the faculty and the Hospital’s nursing service during the 1960s and 1970s. Manthey also discusses the changes in undergraduate and graduate nursing education introduced at the University of Minnesota during these decades. She discusses her tenure on the Hospital Board of Governors and explains her decision to leave Minnesota and move to Yale New Haven Hospital in the late 1970s. She describes the differences she sees between nursing and medical care in Minnesota compared to other locations in the United States and abroad. She discusses her company, Creative Health Care Management and developing the Leadership for Empowered Organizations (LEO) program.

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Marie Manthey was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. In 1956, she earned her nursing diploma from Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital in Chicago. Manthey went on to receive her B.S. in nursing (1961) and M.S. in nursing (1964) from the University of Minnesota. She served as associate director of nursing at the University of Minnesota Hospital (1964-1971), as assistant administrator and director of nursing at United Hospitals of St. Paul (during the 1970s), and the vice president of patient services at Yale New Haven Hospital. During her tenure at the University of Minnesota Hospital, Manthey led the development of primary nursing and is recognized, nationally and internationally, as the founder of primary nursing. In 1979, Manthey founded Creative Health Care Management, a consulting firm specializing in the organization and delivery of health care services.

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