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Center for Transportation Studies  [1694]

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Established in 1987, the mission of the University's Center for Transportation Studies (CTS) is to improve transportation decision-making in Minnesota and at a national level. CTS conducts multidisciplinary research, education, and outreach programs. Learn more about the CTS at

Included here is a selection of CTS reports dating from from October 1997 to the present, annual reports, Catalyst newsletter, and publications arranged by CTS program.

Recently Added

Roadway Safety Institute News (Winter 2016, vol. 3, no. 1)

Roadway Safety Institute (RSI) (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2016)
Articles include: Modeling for bike and ped traffic to improve planning, safety; Murphy named RSI Outstanding Student of the Year; Researcher spotlight: Frank Douma; Researcher spotlight: Ron Van Houten; Pedestrian workshop ...

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of ATM Messages Used During Incidents

Rindels, Max; Zitzow, Stephen; Hourdos, John (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2016-01)
This project investigated the use of Intelligent Lane Control Signs based Active Traffic Management for Incident Management on a heavily traveled urban freeway. The subject of the research was the ILCS system on I-94 ...

Optimizing Automatic Traffic Recorders Network in Minnesota

Gupta, Diwakar; Tang, Xiaoxu (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2016-01)
Accurate traffic counts are important for budgeting, traffic planning, and roadway design. With thousands of centerline miles of roadways, it is not possible to install continuous counters at all locations of interest ...

Evaluate and Develop Innovative Pavement Repair and Patching: Taconite-Based Repair Options

Zanko, Lawrence M.; Hopstock, David M.; DeRocher, Will (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2016-01)
In support of a broader MnDOT effort to evaluate current practices, materials, and policies for pavement patching and repair for both asphalt and concrete pavements, the University of Minnesota Duluth Natural Resources ...

Examining the Impact of ASE (Automated Speed Enforcement) in Work Zones on Driver Attention

Morris, Nichole L.; Cooper, Jennifer L.; Ton, Alice; Plummer, John Paul; Easterlund, Peter (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2016-01)
Each year, there are over 500 fatal crashes in work zones in the U.S., with over 100 road construction workers killed on work sites (NSC, 2011; FARS, 2011). Speed and distraction are among the top contributing factors to ...

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