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Cultivar Trials of Bedding Plants
Hanchek, Anne M.; et al. (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 1995)

Cultivar Trials of Bedding Plants

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Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station


Continuedgrowthofover 15percent per year has marked the bedding plant industry since 1978.Onthewholesalelevel,producing annualsandperennialshasbecome abilliondollar business nationally. The University of Minnesota supports this growing industry in Minnesota in various ways, among which are the cultivar trialsconducted on Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Stations at Morris, St. Paul, and Grand Rapids. At these sites, new and old cultivars are grownfromseeddonatedby seedcompanies, planted out,and rated periodicallyfor field performance.Thegardens are opentothepublic and industryfor self-guided tours throughout the growing season,providinga uniqueopportunity tocompareperformanceofbedding plantcultivars under regionalconditions. In thispublication,results fromallthree sites are summarized.Thedata reflectthe growingconditionsateachsiteduring 1994 only; cultivars may have performed quite differentlyinprevious years. For resultsfromearlier trials,contactthesitesupervisordirectly,or obtainearliereditions ofthispublicationfromthe MES Distribution Center. Not allyears may be available.

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