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Linking multidimensional item calibrations
Davey, Tim; Oshima, T. C.; Lee, Kevin (1996)

Linking multidimensional item calibrations

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Invariance of trait scales across changing samples of items and examinees is a central tenet of item response theory (IRT). However, scales defined by most IRT models are truly invariant with respect to certain linear transformations of the parameters. The problem is to find the proper transformation that places separate calibrations on a common scale. A variety of procedures for estimating transformations have been proposed for unidimensional models. This paper explores some issues involved in extending and adapting unidimensional linking procedures for use with multidimensional IRT models. Index terms: equating, item response theory, linking, metric in IRT, multidimensional IRT, scale linking.

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other: doi:10.1177/014662169602000407

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Davey, Tim, Oshima, T. C & Lee, Kevin. (1996). Linking multidimensional item calibrations. Applied Psychological Measurement, 20, 405-416. doi:10.1177/014662169602000407

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