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Volume 11, 1993
Unknown author (Minnesota Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, 1993)

Volume 11, 1993

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Minnesota Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Contents: ARTICLES: "The Role of Art in Language Learning" by Catriona R. Moore, Judith A. Koller, and Maria Kreie Arago; "Confucian Orthodoxy Meets ESL: Teaching Across Academic Cultures" by Patrick J. Dunham and James H. Robinson; "Perceptual Learning Style Preferences of Second Language Students" by Patricia A. Eliason; "Friday Prayer: Describing a Process in Arabic and English Writing" by Salah Ayari and Elaine Tarone; "Comparing Perspectives on ESL Education: A Case Study of Pine Tree School" by Karen E. Duke; "Mainstreaming LEP Students: The Case of the Hmong" by Jeff Dufresne; "Breaking Barriers: Three Hmong Women's Perspectives on Attaining Higher Education in the U.S." Diane M. Rubright; STUDENTS' WORK: Stories of th.e Homeland; Stories of Immigration; Stories of Life in the U.S.A; REVIEW: "'The Multicultural Classroom: Readings for Content Area Teachers' Patricia A. Richard,Amato and Marguerite A. Snow, Eds." Reviewed by Lisa Boehlke

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