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Volume 8, 1990
Unknown author (Minnesota Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, 1990)

Volume 8, 1990

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Minnesota Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

ARTICLES: "'Back to Basics:' Literacy for Second Language Learners in the Public Schools" by Elaine Tarone; "Geodes Like Sky Blue Popsicles: Developing Authorship Literacy in Limited English Proficient Students" Lisa Boehlke & Mary Kay Rummel; THE ESL TEACHER AS RESEARCHER: Introduction to section by Helen Jorstad; "Finding a Voice: Secondary Students Write Their Stories" Lindsey Allen; "Citizenship Education: The Three S's-Self, School, and State" (Excerpts) by Michael J. Mullins; "Schemata, Strategies, and Social Construction: Some Implications for Second Language Pedagogy" by Paul Prior; "Some Effects of Culture in the ESL Classroom and their Implications for Teaching" by Laura Buchanan; "The Role of Error Correction in the Process-Oriented ESL Composition Classroom" by Susan Bosher; POETRY: "To All the People Who Make the Circle" by Amy Egenberger; "Explaining Miracles" by Jennifer Jesseph; REVIEWS: "Teaching and Learning Vocabulary" Reviewed by Adele Hansen; "When They Don't All Speak English: Integrating the ESL Student into the Regular Classroom" Reviewed by Betty Leone; THE FORUM: "Comments on "Chinese students, American universities and cultural confrontation" by Kristine Torkelson

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