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Bedrock and Quaternary geology of the Central Mesabi Iron Range, northeastern Minnesota
Jirsa, M.A.; Meyer, G.N. (University of Minnesota, 2007)

Bedrock and Quaternary geology of the Central Mesabi Iron Range, northeastern Minnesota

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University of Minnesota


This document summarizes work conducted by the Minnesota Geological Survey (MGS) in support of broader goals of the Central Iron Range Initiative (CIRI) project entitled “Hydrology, habitat, and energy potential of mine lakes.” Those goals are to establish ultimate mine water elevations and outflows, design optimum mine land configurations for fish habitat and lakeshore development, and evaluate wind/pumped hydropower potential. The MGS project was designed to provide CIRI project partners with technical data about the bedrock and unconsolidated sediments that exist in the central iron range. The data augment previous publications of the MGS, and were used by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to create hydrologic models that are described in a separate report. Much of the MGS data were provided to the partners during the course of the project as interim products and technical guidance. MGS staff described, sampled, measured structures, and photographed materials at more than 300 new field observation points. Consequent efforts included textural analyses of 286 sediment samples; acquisition, interpretation, and digital capture of about 125 new drilling records; coordination with the partners and mining company staff; and the digitization and interpretation of data to produce interim and final products. This Open-File Report represents final products submitted to LCCMR as a summary of those data.

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Nine printable PDF maps best convey the new the data and interpretations gathered from this study and are grouped within the appropriately labeled .zip file. The GIS files used to make these maps, together with photos of selected features from the area, are contained within the .zip file titled "Supplementary GIS and Project Data". The PowerPoint presentation describes and illustrates much of this project, and summarizes work conducted over the last 4 biennia to provide geological characterization of the Mesabi Iron Range.The short movie (bath_surf2.avi), shows the bedrock topography including bathymetry of seven pit lakes in the Chisholm focused study area. The Readme provides more information and data concerning GIS files, the short movie, and the PDF maps.

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Jirsa, M.A.; Meyer, G.N.. (2007). Bedrock and Quaternary geology of the Central Mesabi Iron Range, northeastern Minnesota. University of Minnesota. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

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