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Oral history interview with Joseph F. Traub
Traub, J. F. (Joseph Frederick), 1932- (Charles Babbage Institute, 1985)

Oral history interview with Joseph F. Traub

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Charles Babbage Institute

Oral History

The main topic is institutions in computing. Traub begins by discussing why computer science has developed as a discipline at some institutions but not others. Institutions that are highlighted include Stanford, Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, MIT, and Carnegie-Mellon. Traub discusses his experiences as chairman of the computer science departments at Carnegie-Mellon and later Columbia. Other topics include: industrial and government funding of computer science departments (in particular the role of the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Defense Department); the relationships between academic centers, such as MIT, Stanford, Columbia, and Carnegie-Mellon; and the importance of educational institutions to regional centers of industrial computing. At the end of the interview Traub returns to a topic of his earlier interviews, his experiences at Bell and Watson Laboratories.

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other: OH 94

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Joseph F. Traub, OH 94. Oral history interview by William Aspray, 29 March 1985, New York, New York. Charles Babbage Institute, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Transcript, 50 pp. Audio file available at

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Traub, J. F. (Joseph Frederick), 1932-. (1985). Oral history interview with Joseph F. Traub. Charles Babbage Institute. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

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