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University of Minnesota - Twin Cities  [52417]

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Forest Survey Instructions 1934-1937: Work Plan for the Forest Survey in the Lake States

USDA Forest Service (US Department of Agriculture, US Forest Service, North Central Forest Experiment Station, 1935)

Using the Ceramic Medium to Add Personal Content to Icons of Power

Darcourt, Nicolas (University of Minnesota, Art Department, 2006)

Using BSTEM to Estimate Sediment Erosion in Seven Mile Creek Watershed

Hammer-Lester, Rebecca F (2016)
Sediment has been recognized as an important water contaminant and there has been substantial research into the sources and sinks of sediment on the landscape. However, ravines are an understudied erosive landform. The ...

Hedonism, Pattern and Collation

Roth, Kimberlee Joy (University of Minnesota, Department of Art, 2006)

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