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University of Minnesota - Twin Cities  [51792]

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How to curate research data: An 8 step guide with incentives to collaborate

Johnston, Lisa R (2016-08-31)
As reproducibility and data sharing emerge as key issues for academic researchers, the data management services offered by the library must continue to scale. Building from a 2013 pilot ( ...

Harvesting and handling the 1979 crop under unusual fall conditions: a special report to Minnesota crop growers, September 7, 1979

Seeley, Mark W.; Hicks, D.R.; Strand, Oliver E.; Hardman, L.L.; Martin, Neal P.; Smith, Larry H.; Bauder, Jim; Fruin, Jerry; Benson, Fred (University of Minnesota, Agricultural Extension Service., 1979-09-07)

A random walk down Main Street

Levinson, David M (2016-08)
US suburbs have often been characterized by their relatively low walk accessibility compared to more urban environments, and US urban environments have been characterized by low walk accessibility compared to cities in ...

Phosphonate-Stabilized Bleaching URS

Pollino, Jessica L (2016-08)

Tourism in County Level Planning and Policy Documents: Summary of Findings

Qian, Xinyi; Barroso, Felipe Dyna; Messer, Cynthia (2016)

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