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The Full Cost of Air Travel

Gillen, David; Levinson, David M (Transportation Research Board, 1999)
In this paper we review the theoretical and empirical literature on the cost structure of the provision of air transportation and specify and estimate our own cost functions. We develop a full cost model which identifies ...

Space, money, Life-stage, and the allocation of time

Levinson, David M (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999)
Allocation of time to various activities is known to be a function of various demographic, socio-economic, seasonal, and scheduling factors. This paper examines those variables through exploration of the 1990 Nationwide ...

Tolling at a Frontier: A Game Theoretic Analysis

Levinson, David M (Elsevier Science Publishing Company, Incorporated, 1999)
Frontiers provide an opportunity for one jurisdiction to remedy inequities (and even exploit them) in highway finance by employing toll-booths, and thereby ensuring the highest possible share of revenue from non-residents. ...

Road Pricing in Practice

Levinson, David M (Edward Elgar Publishers, 1999)
The history of turnpikes from their first deployment in the 17th century through their decline in the 19th century, and some restoration in the 20th century is analyzed with a view to understanding the systematic causes ...

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