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Aurora Sporealis
Congratulations to the University of Minnesota Department of Plant Pathology on its 100th birthday! This collection contains the alumni news magazine, Aurora Sporealis, from 1926 forward. For more information on the department's history and centennial celebration, please visit the website.
Minnesota Geological Survey
The Minnesota Geological Survey (MGS) was established in 1872 by the State of Minnesota as part of the University of Minnesota. The MGS serves the people of Minnesota by providing systematic geoscience information to support stewardship of water, land, and mineral resources. MGS geological mapping and research evolve with the progress of science and technology, and the MGS works closely with university, government, industry, and community partners to ensure we respond to the diverse needs of Minnesota.
Center for Transportation Studies
Transportation research at the University of Minnesota covers the spectrum from fundamental to applied research, drawing on the many transportation-related disciplines within the University. The Center actively supports the formation of multidisciplinary research teams. A selection of research reports from 1997 to the present are included in the Digital Conservancy.
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